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    Information Required

When ordering any of our services we will need specific information from you to make sure we have all the details on the service you require. Please ensure the person ordering has the following information available:-
  1. Full address.
  2. Service required e.g. wait and load collection, house clearance, house removel, courier service etc.
  3. Date required.
  4. If applicable the type of waste to be collected or moved e.g. paper, plastic, concrete etc.
  5. Ease of access to site e.g. height, width or time restrictions.
  6. Site contact name and telephone number.
  7. Your order number or reference.


Request A Free Quote

With our unique flexible service you can pay for the amount of waste you need to be removed from your site rather than a large one off cost.

We are cheaper than skip hire and do all the hard work for you.

if you would like one of our team members to come and visit you and give you a free no obligation quote for any of our services please call

Tel :07904606181

Email :


Contact link : Recyclex

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Our prices include:


  • A team of Professional, Courteous, Well trained and Uniformed Recyclex staff
  • A Luton or LWB style van which can hold between 1 - 1.5 tonne of Waste
  • Full and comprehensive Public Liability Insurance of up to £5,000,000
  • A full customer Invoice showing all company details, a waste transfer note and a receipt for payment
  • A guarantee to complete the job for the price quoted, no matter how long it takes
  • All prices include labour, disposal and sweep-up.


Phone Quote Payment Option.

If you have been given an agreed payment quotation figure via our office team for work to be carried out please use this payment option via pay pal, click on the buy now button to the right, this will now direct you to the pay pal payment screen please enter your quotation figure in Your Order Summary top left hand corner, in the description field please highlight a date and time and reference for the agreed job and proceed to pay.


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Very Heavy Waste Clearance


Heavy loads (e.g. brick / rubble, soil, tiles, kitchen, bathroom, wet wood) this type of waste are charged by weight depending upon material removed.

Our price for this type of clearance is

1/4 Load  From £125

1/2 Load From  £195

3/4 Load From  £275

Full Load From £345

One bag of rubble weighs 20kg – 40kg, so 35 bags of rubble weigh around 1000kg

Please contact us if you require a price on your heavy waste.

email or phone 07904606181


Metal, Plastic, Aluminum, copper and all wire types                             
Collection of Bulk Deliver packaging waste
Hazardous Waste Note, rate per load (commercial premises only)    £25
Computer monitor / TV / CRT (for multiple items call us for discount)    £12
Domestic fridge / aircon unit (for multiple items call for discount)
Commercial fridge / freezer (for multiple items call for discount)    £80
Tyre (car / tractor)    £10
Piano  UPTO
Calor Gas bottles (red or blue) & chubb fire extinguishers    £10
Fluorescent tubes     £4


Cancellation Fee

If you need to cancel or postpone your booking, please let us know as early as possible.

No charge applies if you give us at least 24 hours notice. Otherwise a £20 fee will be charged which we deduct from any subsequent collection charges.


How to pay

We ask for payment at the time of the job starting we do accept cheques provided they are accompanied with an appropriate cheque guarantee card, you can also pay via the secure pay pal system above if you pay via pay pal please enter in the description field a date and time you would like the clearance to take place once payment is confirmed you will then be entered into our system for the job to be completed we can also take payment mobile with our new pay pal card reader system.



Bereavement Clearances


Bereavement clearance can be very hard when a friend or relative passed away. We know that at such a difficult time, above all, you need a company you can trust and one that will provide a tactful and discreet service and be here for you

Being a close, family-run business, we can only begin to imagine how distressing it must be, having suffered a recent bereavement to then have to deal with the house clearance arrangements.

Our staff are polite, quiet, well presented and professional. We hope to give peace of mind and take away as much stress as we can at this painful time.

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If you need to make house clearance arrangements following a bereavement, but live some distance from the house, we can arrange to collect the house keys from the probate administrator or estate agent dealing with the estate, both at the time of providing you with a quote, and again when we carry out the work.


Alternatively if you wish to and are able to be present whilst we clear the house, we very much like to talk to you about the person we are clearing the house after, and we always have time to listen. We are very sympathetic when our customers find the process of the house clearance upsetting. You will be treated with kindness and compassion though, and your loved ones items will be removed from the house in a respectful and discreet way.

We remove all unwanted items including furniture white goods and general rubbish from the property. We can carry out house clearances for any size of property, even when the premises are extremely cluttered as the result of hoarding or illness.

Also our Clearance team will start at a time that is convenient for you and we do not stop until you are satisfied  Each property is cleared from top to bottom: clothes, blankets, bric-a-brac, sheds, garages, carpets. We are able to make a storage area for items that the customers has specifically asked us to look out for or items we feel have monetary or sentimental value, such as photographs, important legal paper work or jewellery. We are a friendly and reliable team and we take a lot of pride in the personal service that we give to each of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q : Do you just remove everything, or can you sort it as well?
A : If you have specific items in mind, we can arrange for a separate area where these items will be placed for you to veiw


Q : How can you assist in minimising the distress that can be caused by removing a loved ones belongings?
A : To minimise any further distress, we can arrange to collect the keys from you and return them to you once we have finished.


Q : What happens to any valubles and furniture that are able to be sold?
A : If anything of any value is identified during the clearance, we will list the items and then let you decide what you what to do with them.


Q : Is there anything that you wouldn't accept to remove?
A : No we are here for you if we come across really bad items it might mean we need to call our specialist team just to clear but this will carry no extra cost the cost we supply from the quote is all you pay. 


Q : What do you class as recycling

A :Recycling is the process of making or manufacturing new products from a product that has originally served its purpose. If these used products are disposed of in an appropriate, environmentally friendly way, the process of recycling has been set in motion.

Q : Is your company registered to transport waste?
A : We are a registered waste carrier with the Environmental Agency - Our license number is




Q : What size vans do you use

A : We use various types of vans to cope with each job demand we also use large jumbo Luton furniture box vans that can carry upto 1 tonne of household waste. These vans can clear a typical standard 2 bedroom semi-detached property. All of our vans are new and clean we pride ourselves on presenting a professional image to match the way we operate.



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